Why Saving Scrap Fabric is the Best Thing You Could Ever Do

Hello my Introverts! I hope you are ready to learn all about the Vogue pattern 9044 hat that I made recently using only scraps that I had in my fabric stash. A little back story about how this came to be. One of my IG friends started a challenge called the Sewing Bowl where she creates categories for everything from what pattern company to choose to what type of fabric to use. I decided I needed some help getting back into the swing of things with sewing so I signed up for September. She picks the categories from a literal bowl and then shares and tags you in the post on Instagram.

DIY Vintage Caftan Dress Using Simplicity 8505

I have the Rona blues guys and it has taken a lot in me to sew or do anything creative. It seems strange because being creative is an outlet for me, but that hasn't been working as of late. I'm trying to find small projects to do around the house like creating a minimalist look…